For Immediate Release

Boulder, CO, Author Documents Pets' Feelings in Haiku Form

Lura Vernon is releasing her coffee table book that takes a humorous look at a very serious subject: our pets’ thoughts.    

After a career in aerospace engineering, Lura found that her new job as a full-time caregiver for the various four-legged friends in her house did not quite give her the mental stimulation that her previous job had provided.  “While not rocket science,” Vernon said, “writing a book about my dogs and cats was fun and thought-provoking.” 

Cool Dogs and Crazy Cats is an often humorous, sometimes sweet, and sometimes touching haiku book with accompanying photos.   This book stands out from the crowded poetry genre because the haikus are sweet and funny, and the photos in the book will melt even the most hardened heart.   

“Completely unscientific studies have shown that reading this book has the same effect on people that petting a dog or cat has,” says Vernon. “There is a release of serotonin in the body that helps people feel relaxed, happy, and confident. Clearly, reading this book is good for your health.”   

Two of the pet models featured in the book were adopted from the Boulder Humane Society, proving that mixed-breed dogs of unknown origin can be as beautiful and confident as purebred dogs from upper class breeders.   

In short, Cool Dogs and Crazy Cats – A Book of Haikus is a book that any pet owner would not want to miss.   Sample copies of the book and interviews with the author are available upon request.