About The Author

Lura Vernon

Lura Vernon is the author of the very little known children’s book Marlo’s Rainbow Pony.  Lura is the parent of two grown daughters, and, as her children grew up and moved out, she began to replace the kids with pets. She is now the parent of two Yellow Labs, one Humane Society dog of unknown origin, and a very special black cat. Lura recently joined a 12-step program for people with a severe puppy addiction, but unfortunately Lura has never made it past admitting that she has a problem.  

The Pets Who Modeled for Us


Chip is a happy-go-lucky yellow lab who believes that every dog is a friend waiting to happen and that every person just might have a treat in his or her pocket.  Chip loves sweet tea on hot summer days, walks on the beaches of the local dog parks, and helping with the cooking every single night.


Scout  is Chip's half brother, and he feels like it's okay to be the middle child because he just wants to lay on the couch and cuddle. Scout likes ear rubs and soft pillows, and he loves to join in when other dogs bark at the moon.

Muffin the Fluffin

Muffin is an original American breed from the Boulder Humane Society.  Her cute face and sweet name are but a cover for the killer that lies beneath.  Muffin knows that her job is to keep the squirrels and bunnies out of her yard, to keep the UPS guy off of her front porch, and to try to keep Scout off of the couch, because only dogs that don't shed are allowed on the couch.  Luckily for Muffin, she doesn't shed.

Muffin has her own Instagram account @MuffintheFluffin


Kate is a medium-haired mixed kitty who doesn't feel as pampered as she really is.  Kate has people to spray cat-nip spray around her play area, she has her own iPad that shows mice and insects running all over, and she enjoys a heated blanket that she spends lazy days taking naps on.  


Tilley is a sweetheart of a Golden Retriever.  She loves chewing on little sticks and pieces of plants, and she especially loves running free through golf courses. 


Mason is another Boulder Humane Society puppy who couldn't be more loved in his forever home.  Mason loves his sister Tilley, but sometimes Mason thinks that maybe he, and not Tilley, should be the one in charge.  Luckily, Tilley usually sets him straight.  Mason loves kisses and special treats, and he mostly loves to always be with his people.


Addie is a Golden Retriever puppy who is simply happy 100% of the time.  She loves romping in the snow, romping in the grass, and romping through water.  She especially loves playing with all of the friends that come over to romp with her.